Friday, 24 June 2011

A million projects

Phew..... I've got just about a million projects going on at the moment and absolutely no time to blog about them or sort them into any kind of order.  I'm currently writing a zombie apocalypse skirmish game combining some old rules I'd written for another RPG genre years ago and spinning it onto the tabletop.  I've painted up some basic floor plans to represent the interior of a medical facility and our intrepid survivors must break their way out of the zombie death trap.  Will be using old GW ghouls and Necromunda minis until I can purchase some models that can be a bit more representative have got some good leads from another blogger on some cool gear - thanks Wee Blokes!

Played the last battle for the Skull Island campaign last night which ended in a emphatic win for yours truly as the HE proved their mettle at last.  More details will follow as and when I can dig them out!

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