Monday, 20 June 2011


Got my first Finecast model for father's day! thanks kids, daddy loves ya!

Caradryan is amazingly stern and forbidding and unlike some Special Character renditions doesn't look overly done with lunaticly oversized weapons or uber-exagerrated features.  Now I'm gonna have to buy some Phoenix Guard for him to lead - shame....

The only problem (if you can call it that) is that now I will have to expand the High Elf army and add some more points to my already adequate 2000 pointer.  With a limited budget though it does mean that the Dark Elf highborn retinue may have to be put on hold or at the least slowed to accomodate the growth of their enlightened cousins. 

One other thing on the subject of Elves, my daughter now wants to begin her tabletop wargaming journey and she wants to start with the very mystical Fae - Wood Elves!  looks like all three of the major kindreds will be inhabiting da Grotto soon.....

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