Thursday, 28 July 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

A severe lack of posting recently - oops!  However circumstances have conspired against me (it's bloody busy at work) and all sorts of distractions at home have meant that I've not had time to put together battle reports of the ultimate battle of the Skull Island campaign - High Elf victory! or of the squad level 40K games we played out - one win each!  I have however managed to paint 16 of the 92 napoleonic figs I snagged for the princely sum of £36.  i have also got hold of some polystyrene board that will become hills and have sparked an idea for a permanent table with carved river beds and other scenic features.  Some pics of the redcoats will follow as will the hills/board in transistion.

these boys are from the 3rd regiment of foot - The old Buffs.  A Kentish Regiment founded only 20 miles from my town!!

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