Friday, 6 May 2011

more terrain please....

The last few days I've been up to my elbows in cat litter.  No da Gobbo isn't a little bit strange with regard to cats and whatnot but rather it is one of my favourite modelling materials when building terrain pieces.  I've started putting together a series of river pieces and the banks will be made up mostly with cat litter and sand to give it that rapids and rocky feel to it.  The pieces look really rough and ready at the moment and resemble nothing better than the bottom of my cat's toilet tray, but when the glue is set I will get to work painting it and preparing the river beds for the resin I will use to represent the water.  This will be the first time i use resin so I hope that it will go well - fingers crossed, especially as it is quite expensive (sorry Frugal Dave..).

unpainted river sections
Rich and I fought the first 3 turns of battle 2 in the Skull Island campaign, a full battle report will be posted after we conclude the final 2 turns soon, thankfully the grotto can just about accomodate my battle-scape (battle mat glued to the back of some old carpet tiles) so we can leave the game set up.  things don't look rosy for the High elves as my main mage was overrun when the spearmen unit she was with lost a combat, however the flames of the phoenix spell is awesome and my second mage wiped an excellent 16 halbardiers out in one turn and is set to eliminate more in the next.  Still there are so few elves left that I'm wondering what I can do to stave off the multitudes of humans that are left...

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